Sandyhurst Lane Residents' Association (SLRA) was founded in 1983 to act as a voice for the residents of Sandyhurst Lane, Ashford and the adjacent area. Over the years we have actively campaigned on behalf of our members on numerous local issues, always with the principal aim of our constitution - to protect the rural character of the area.

About SLRA
An organisation which values the rural character of the area
Restrictions on quarry lorries (1983)
30 mph speed limit for part of Lane

40 mph speed limit for rest of Lane (2005)

Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) routed away from the Lane and CTRL works returned to farmland
SLRA provided a new public seat to mark the millennium (2000) and refurbished it in 2013
SLRA successfully campaigned for all advertising to be removed from the phone kiosk (2018). The kiosk was finally removed in 2019.

A few examples of our achievements are summarised below:
Road safety measures achieved for Potters Corner (2013)
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Sandyhurst Lane
Residents Association

Protecting the rural character of Sandyhurst Lane and the adjoining area
Successfully campaigned for SLRA area to be entirely in rural parishes (Westwell and Boughton Aluph & Eastwell) (2015)
Successfully campaigned for SLRA area to be entirely in Ashford Rural West County division (2016)
Successfully campaigned for SLRA area to be 99% within Downs West rural borough ward (2017)
Introduced Neighbourhood Watch schemes across the whole of the SLRA area (345 homes) (2013)
Installed a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD), also known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), available at all times, outside the Hare and Hounds (2019)
Numerous planning applications opposed or modified
Main building phase for Hoads Wood Gardens restricted to 30 homes instead of the proposed 66 (1995)
Successfully campaigned for A20 corridor sites to be omitted from Local Plan 2030 and for no vehicle access from Sandyhurst Lane to Eureka Park (2019)
Successfully campaigned against 21 homes proposed on land at Lenacre Hall Farm (2019)

Successfully campaigned against 18, then 9 homes proposed on land at the former Sand Pit, Sandyhurst Lane (2018 & 2020)