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Sandyhurst Lane Residents' Association covers an area which is currently represented in local Government by three different wards of Ashford Borough Council (Bockhanger, Boughton Aluph & Eastwell and Downs West), partially by two Parish Councils (Boughton Aluph & Eastwell and Westwell) and by a single division of Kent County Council (Ashford Rural West).

Following SLRA campaigns, on 2 May 2019, the Borough representation will change to a single ward (Downs West), except for a few properties in Faversham Road, which will be in Goat Lees ward. From that date, all properties in the SLRA area will also be in either Westwell parish or Boughton Aluph & Eastwell parish.

This page is intended to provide residents with news and information about the activities of their local government bodies and the elected representatives are invited to provide updates on relevant council activities for their constituents in the SLRA area.

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Kent County Council

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Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council
Chair: Spencer Phillips
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Westwell Parish Council
Chair: Christine Drury
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The Parish Council met in the parish hall on Monday, November 5. Concerns re speeding through the
village were raised during the Open Session, particularly near the waterworks. Larry Krause (borough
councillor) was at the meeting and reported that the lorry parking trial is continuing. Biffa has been
fined 1000 after incidents in which food waste was mixed with recycling; residents are asked to be
vigilant and take photographs if they see this happening, which should then be reported to
Environmental Services in ABC.

Matters Arising included results of a meeting with Hothfield parish councillors and Charlie Simkins
(county councillor) regarding traffic speeds on the A20; speed strips have been put in to monitor the
situation, funded from Councillor Simkins' member grant. It was agreed that he be asked to fund
similar monitoring in Westwell for traffic entering the village from the direction of the waterworks.
Planning: An application for conversion of a farm building at Lacton Manor into two holiday lets was
supported. The Inspectors' report on the Local Plan is expected in December, and it is likely that it
will be adopted by ABC in February 2019. The Plan brings the need to define the boundary around
villages (the village confines) which will be used to help make decisions on development in the
villages. For Westwell the
confines will be drawn around the village itself, not outlying areas such as Sandyhurst Lane or Tutt
Hill, and a public meeting will be held in the parish hall as part of the consultation.

Reports included the proposed amalgamation of the Hall Committee and Playing Field Association as a
Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Sound attenuation
measures in the hall will be put in: the rear wall will be lined,  with more added if necessary.

The Sandyhurst Lane Residents' Association commissioned a traffic speeds survey in the Lane; results
were presented to the PC and showed a significant number
of vehicles exceeded the speed limit.

Westwell Lane at Tutt Hill will be closed for 3 weeks from November 26 for works to the gas main.

The next meeting of the PC is Monday January 7 at 7pm, all meetings are open to the public.

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