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Sandyhurst Lane Residents' Association covers an area which is currently represented in local Government by three different wards of Ashford Borough Council (Bockhanger, Boughton Aluph & Eastwell and Downs West), partially by two Parish Councils (Boughton Aluph & Eastwell and Westwell) and by a single division of Kent County Council (Ashford Rural West).

Following SLRA campaigns, on 2 May 2019, the Borough representation will change to a single ward (Downs West), except for a few properties in Faversham Road, which will be in Goat Lees ward. From that date, all properties in the SLRA area will also be in either Westwell parish or Boughton Aluph & Eastwell parish.

This page is intended to provide residents with news and information about the activities of their local government bodies and the elected representatives are invited to provide updates on relevant council activities for their constituents in the SLRA area.

See our page MPs & Councillors to check in which ward/parish council/division you are represented, and by whom.

Kent County Council

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Ashford Borough Council

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Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council
Chair: Spencer Phillips
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Westwell Parish Council
Chair: Christine Drury
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The Parish Council met in the parish hall on Tuesday January 9. Tim Lister was co-opted on to the
Council to fill the vacancy which arose when Anne Davidson stepped down for health reasons. Larry
Krause, borough councillor, gave a report and said that he had 'approved a grant of 1,000 to the Hall
Management Committee for new chairs for the hall. Grants will also be available for events to
commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI. The Local Plan examination will likely be in June, or
possibly earlier, as two inspectors to chair the Examination in Public have been appointed.

Planning permission will be required for the proposed storage container on the playing field for
Westwell Players' costumes and props. Given that there would not be space for fete materials it was
suggested that a second, smaller container would be needed.

Three planning applications were discussed, including the new boiler room and lavatory for St Mary's
Church, this was supported by the Parish Council. Additional comments on the planning application
for the Wheel lnn were discussed and will be submitted to the Borough Council. Preliminary drawings
for overflow parking on the playing field from the Wheel have been prepared for discussion.

The Financial report was approved and the draft Budget for 2018-19 discussed. It was agreed that the
Precept be increased by 1.5% to 15,985: this is lower than
the current rate of inflation (3%) but would still result in a small rise in reserves and with the change
to the parish boundary in 2019 more properties would be precepted in the following financial year.

Possible changes to the Good Citizen Award were discussed and will be reviewed with the Home
family, who donated the Award. Any changes would be announced at the Annual Parish Meeting on
March 26.

A new date for the resurfacing works in Watery Lane will be sought from Tarmac.

The Christmas tree (a yew) was planted on church green in time for the Christmas services; Mary Anne
Pitt met the cost, in memory of Kip, and the lights were donated by the Lucy Farrington. All were
thanked and Tom Brandreth was thanked for clearing a fallen tree in Westwell Lane.

The next meeting is on Monday, March 5 at 7pm in the parish hall. All meetings are open to the public
and all are welcome.

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