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The Sandyhurst Lane Residents' Association (SLRA) area lies within a single division of Kent County Council (Ashford Rural West).

The SLRA area is represented by two wards of Ashford Borough Council. These are Downs West ward, which includes 99% of the properties in the SLRA area and Goat Lees ward, which includes 5 properties in the SLRA area.

The SLRA area is also represented by two Parish Councils. Westwell Parish Council includes 69.6% of the properties in the SLRA area and the remaining 30.4% are located within the area of Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council.

This page is intended to provide residents with news and information about the activities of their local government bodies and the elected representatives are invited to provide updates on relevant council activities for their constituents in the SLRA area.

See our page MPs & Councillors to check in which division/ward/parish council you are represented, and by whom.

Kent County Council (KCC)

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Ashford Borough Council (ABC)

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Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Parish Council
Chair: Spencer Phillips
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Westwell Parish Council
Chair: Christine Drury
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The Parish Council met on Tuesday 4th May by Zoom, future meetings will return to the hall, but with covid restrictions in place.

This was the annual meeting of the Parish Council, elections to various roles were held. Christine Drury and Clive Bainbridge were re-elected as Chairman and Vice-chairman, respectively. The General Power of Comprtence will be lost when the current clerk retires but will be regained at the Annual Meeting after the new clerk has achieved the appropriate qualification; until then the Parish Council will use other powers, but these are more limited in scope and may impose some financial restrictions. The Minutes of the previous meetings were approved.

A quote for a new footpath in the cemetery was accepted. More information will be sought from KCC Highways on its proposed traffic surveys at Potters Corner, these are needed but funding should not fall to the Parish Council. The Parish Councilís annual accounts were presented to the meeting. These are subject to an initial audit ahead of the meeting by the Parish Councilís internal auditor, Mike Jamieson; he has been the Parish Councilís internal auditor but is stepping down from the role - the Parish Council is very grateful for his help over
a period of many years. A new internal auditor will be appointed in due course. The accounts were approved and will now be sent to the external auditor (PKF Littlejohn) for examination. Payments were authorised. The Parish Council will enrol as an employer with the NEST pensions scheme. As usual further details are available in the Minutes posted on the Westwell Parish council website.

Update on projects: The drainage works and repairs to the hall access track have been completed, thanks were given to Frank Dwyer for doing this work free of charge for the parish. The pedestrian access to the playing field is nearly complete. The next stage is to grass seed the bank. A watering arrangement will be in place for the grass and to establish the new hedge. Tree surgery on church green and Gold Hill has been carried out. The turning area and path at the cemetery have been installed to make it safer and easier to use when the ground is wet; a water supply to the cemetery is still to be arranged. KCC has asked for an updated Highways Improvement Plan, this will be submitted.

Planning: Two applications were discussed: no objection was raised to one with comments, the second was supported. An appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate by the applicant against the refusal of planning permission for works at Elvey Cottage.

Procedures: The updated Financial Risk Register and policies relating to the Parish Councilís Publication Scheme and Document Retention Policy were adopted. The Staffing Committeeís Terms of Reference will be reviewed.

Other matters: As is customary, the Chairman wrote a letter of condolence on behalf of the Parish Council following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh and an acknowledgement was sent by the Dukeís Correspondence Secretary. The new Clerk will undertake the online course on the Introduction to Local Council Administration, which will be a useful foundation course for the Certificate in Local Council Administration when training courses for the latter restart next year. An air source heat pump has been installed in the parish hall to update the hall heating
system; bookings are being taken for its reopening as covid restrictions ease and there are a number of new users.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday July 5th at 7pm in the parish hall. The meeting will be open to the public.

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