22 December 2012

KCC parking proposals for Faversham Road rejected

The SLRA and others opposed the KCC parking proposals for Faversham Road (see news item 10 November
2012).  We are pleased to note that, at their meeting on 11 December 2012, the Joint Transportation Board
rejected these proposals, largely because of the concern expressed by local residents.

21 December  2012

Planning permission sought for proposed single storey rear extension
at The Nook, 388 Sandyhurst Lane

An application has been made for a single storey rear extension at The Nook, 388 Sandyhurst Lane. The closing
date for comments is 13 January 2013.  Full details are available here. (search for case number 12/01416/AS).

19 December 2012


One of our members has reported that an attempted burglary took place a few days ago in Sandyhurst Lane.
This was in the area between Hoads Wood Gardens and the motorway bridge. Fortunately, the burglar was
disturbed by a neighbour.

In addition, a car parked in the same vicinity was broken into yesterday afternoon and some property stolen.
Please be extra vigilant at this time of year - secure your own property, keep an eye out for unusual activity in
your neighbourhood and don’t leave any property on view inside cars.

Advice on personal and property security is available from the Kent Police on this website.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

21 November 2012

Ashford Urban Sites and Infrastructure Development Plan: Final Report

In 2010/2011, the Ashford Urban Sites and Infrastructure Development Plan Document was published and went
through a consultation process, during which additional development sites were added, two in Sandyhurst Lane
(see news item 25 May 2011). The SLRA made a submission, objecting vigorously to any attempt to build on
these two sites (see news item 21 June 2011).

The Inspector’s final report has now been published and may be viewed here. We are pleased that Site F (land
at 198 Sandyhurst Lane) was withdrawn (para 73, page 16) and that the Inspector found as follows for Site E
(Former Sandpit, Sandyhurst Lane):

“The site was considered at the Local Plan Inquiry in 1998 but not allocated. It has been subject to
Sustainability Appraisal (Addendum Report, October 2011) and considered unsuitable due to access constraints
and isolated location. Although a suitable highway access has shown to be achievable in engineering terms,
the approach is constrained by the nature of Sandyhurst Lane. The main concern, however, remains the
relatively isolated location of the site in relation to the main urban area” (para 73E, page 17)

12 November 2012

Free Christmas parking

Ashford Borough Council have announced that parking will be free in all council-owned car parks in Ashford and
Tenterden every Sunday in December, before Christmas, and on Saturday 22nd December.
Free parking dates are as follows:
    Sunday 2nd December
    Sunday 9th December
    Sunday 16th December
    Saturday 22nd December
    Sunday 23rd December
There will also be free parking from 4pm to 9pm on Friday 7th December in Tenterden for its late night
shopping event.
Edinburgh Road car park in Ashford will remain open until 10pm on Thursdays in December before Christmas for
late night shopping.
Click here for a list of all council-owned car parks in Ashford and Tenterden.

10 November 2012

SLRA opposes KCC parking proposals for Faversham Road

Residents may be aware, from an article on page 8 of this week’s Kentish Express, of a proposal by KCC to
paint double yellow lines along Faversham Road between Towers School and Lower/Upper Vicarage Road. In
the same issue on page 10, a letter from Cllr Philip Sims vigorously opposes the plan.

If the scheme goes ahead, it seems likely that it will exacerbate the parking problem we have at the
Faversham Road end of Sandyhurst Lane during school runs. Our application for action to mitigate this has
previously been rejected by KCC (see news item 20 October 2012).

The new KCC proposal may be viewed here. It is proposing double yellow lines in several parts of Faversham
Road, including the part referred to in the Kentish Express. The SLRA Committee has considered these
proposals and taken the view that they are likely to make the ‘school run’ parking problem in Sandyhurst Lane
even worse. This will be further exacerbated by construction traffic during work on the ‘Carpenders’ site near
the junction of Sandyhurst Lane and Faversham Road.

We have therefore written to the KCC Traffic Team strongly opposing the new proposals. A copy of the SLRA
letter may be viewed here.

6 November 2012

New waste and recycling collection from April 2013

Ashford Borough Council have announced the introduction of a new and (in their words) “improved” recycling
and waste collection service, to be introduced in April 2013.

From April 2013, there will be:

- a new weekly food waste collection
- fortnightly recycling collections, including plastics, cardboard and Tetra Pak cartons, in addition to tins,         
cans, glass, paper, aerosols, foil and textiles as at present
- fortnightly non-recyclable household waste collections

The announcement goes on to say:

Depending on their property, residents will be given new containers for their waste and recycling that will
make it easier to store their waste hygienically and to move it out for collection.

Early next year, we (Ashford BC) will send residents full details of what containers you will receive, and what
to put out for collection.

Food Waste - Weekly
Raw and cooked meat and fish, all dairy products, fruit and veg, bread and pulses, tea and coffee, rice, pasta,
leftovers, oils, butter, fats.

Recycling - Fortnightly
Cardboard, paper, magazines, plastic bottles, plastic food containers, yoghurt pots, Tetra Pak food and drink
cartons, food tins, drink cans, foil, glass, aerosols, textiles.

Household Waste - Fortnightly
Cling film, polystyrene, crisp packets, sanitary products, nappies, cat litter.

Residents allocated containers will receive:
A small, convenient caddy for food waste for your kitchen, which can be emptied into your main food
caddy outside
A new container for all recyclables
A new container for your household waste (we understand this will be a wheelie bin)

If you have more recycling than will fit in the container, it will be taken in black bags, BUT if you have more
household waste than will fit in the wheelie bin, it will NOT be removed and the onus will be on the
householder to take the excess to the waste and recycling centre at Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate.

Present collection days may change and all waste and recycling collections for a given address will be made on
the same day of the week.

To read more about these changes, please follow this link.

20 October 2012

KCC refuses to solve parking problems at the Faversham Road end
of Sandyhurst Lane

For the past six months, SLRA has been lobbying KCC Traffic Schemes about the parking problems during the
'school run', when large numbers of cars are parked along Sandyhurst Lane, near the junction with Faversham
Road, causing a dangerous situation. KCC has now told us that they are not prepared to take any action in the
absence of any personal injury accidents having occurred in the vicinity. This is a disappointing consequence of
the present tight budgetary conditions. A copy of the KCC response may be viewed here.

19 October 2012


It is with great sadness that we record the passing of SLRA member Monica Berwick MBE on 2 October 2012,
aged 83. Both Monica and her late husband, Victor, gave their services to the Sandyhurst Lane Residents'
Association. Monica served on the SLRA committee and chaired the Association in the past and Victor was the
Honorary Auditor. Monica's funeral will comprise a private committal followed by a service of thanksgiving and
celebration of her life at All Saints Church, Boughton Aluph at 1230 pm on Friday 26 October 2012. Family
flowers only but donations if desired to All Saints Church or Cruse Bereavement Care, South Kent Area to be
sent to Earl &Co Ltd, Albermarle Road, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0HL. Tel. 01233 620522.

9 October 2012

Christmas and New Year refuse and Blue Box recycling collections 2012/13
(issued by Ashford Borough Council)

4 October 2012

Temporary Household Waste Recycling Site Announced

Following the closure for six months of the KCC Ashford Household Waste Recycling Centre (see news item 10
September 2012), KCC have announced that a temporary facility will be available from 29 October 2012. This
will be located on the same Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate as the closed site, at the opposite end of Brunswick
Road. The announcement may be viewed here.

27 September 2012

Dismissed: Appeal against refusal of planning permission for revised application for
erection of houses at Carpenders, Sandyhurst Lane

Planning permission for the development of the Carpenders site with two extra properties was granted in
March 2012 (see news item of 15 March 2012). A further application was immediately submitted for a revised
scheme involving three extra properties (see news item 21 March 2012). This was refused on 10 May 2012 after
objections lodged by several parties, including the SLRA.
An appeal against this refusal was then lodged (see news item 26 June 2012). This was dismissed by the
Planning Inspectorate on 26 September 2012, on the grounds that the proposed development would adversely
affect the character and appearance of the area. The dismissal referred to density issues and included the
comment that the development "would give the impression of an enclave of cramped modern development."
The full details of the decision may be viewed in the Appeal Decision document here. Full details of the
planning application may be viewed here. (search for case number 12/00317/AS).

10 September 2012

Ashford Household Waste Recycling Centre to close for 6 months

The local 'dump', otherwise known as the KCC Ashford household Waste Recycling Centre, which is located in
Brunswick Road, Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate, is to close from 1st October 2012 until early March 2013. This is
to allow for site expansion and development to improve the access and service for householders. A temporary
facility is being arranged; details are awaited. KCC is also drawing attention to their waste disposal sites at
New Romney (19 miles away), Folkestone (16 miles away) and Canterbury (18 miles away). The information
leaflet issued by KCC may be viewed here.
We will advise details of the temporary Ashford facility as soon as they are issued by KCC.

3 September 2012

SLRA Lobby for Road Safety at the A20/Sandyhurst Lane junction has some success

Just over a year ago, in response to concerns expressed by members, SLRA started lobbying for improvements
to the road safety of the junction of the A20 with Sandyhurst Lane. Although we have yet to achieve our
ultimate objective (a 40mph speed limit on the A20), we are pleased to report some success.
Subject to final budgetary assessment and consultation with affected parties, KCC Traffic Schemes have now
secured funding in 2012/13 for the installation of new signage for the junction, including two electronic
crossroads junction warning signs with SLOW DOWN underneath, to be triggered at 55mph. These will be
located either side of the westbound carriageway of the A20, about 180 metres before the junction. This is the
position currently occupied by the ‘end of No Stopping’ (Clearway) signs (the signs with a red circle and cross
on a blue background).
A copy of the KCC letter, dated 21 August 2012, and schematic plan may be viewed here.

31 August 2012

Planning permission granted for first floor extension at Wight House,
Lenacre Street

Planning permission was granted on 30 August 2012 for a first floor front extension with cat slide roof, two
dormer windows and creation of a front porch at Wight House, Lenacre Street (see news item 14 July 2012). 
Full details are available here. (search for case number 12/00812/AS).

26 August 2012

Local Plan to 2030 - Jobs Growth and New Homes

Ashford Borough Council has launched a public consultation to help shape the preparation of a new ‘local plan’
for the borough which looks ahead to 2030. Work started on a review of Ashford Borough Council’s local plan
(previously called the Core Strategy) earlier this year.
A crucial part of the process is estimating the growth expected in the economy of the area and the number of
new homes that will be needed. The plan can then identify sufficient land to provide for these jobs and homes
in the borough to 2030.
As the first part of that process the council is consulting residents, employers and the development industry on
some initial options for jobs growth and new homes. The SLRA has been invited to participate.
The consultation period runs until the 31 October 2012 and can be accessed here. The responses will be used
to help inform the council’s view on a preferred target for jobs and housing in the borough to 2030.
Over the next year the council will also be working with local communities to look at how and where new
development should be located in the borough and seeing how best to match this to the community’s

26 August 2012

Recycling extended - a little
Ashford Borough Council has announced that the blue box recycling scheme has been expanded. Residents may
now recycle empty aerosol cans and clean metal foil containers in their blue boxes. Residents can already
recycle paper, magazines, newspapers, glass jars and bottles, food tins, cans and textiles. Refuse collected in
the borough does not go to landfill; it is used to generate electricity at a power from waste facility just outside

17 August 2012

Planning permission granted for proposed summer house and patio at The Pines,
Westwell Lane

Planning permission was granted on 16 August 2012 for a summer house and patio in the garden of The Pines,
Westwell Lane (see news item 6 July 2012).  Full details are available here. (search for case number

23 July 2012

Vehicle-activated speed indicator signs to be installed in Sandyhurst Lane

Boughton Aluph and Eastwell Parish Council (BA&EPC) has agreed to fund two vehicle-activated speed indicator
signs, one to be installed in each direction. These will be in the part of the Lane which lies in the BA&EPC
area, which is the stretch which runs from Faversham Road past Sandyacres, and includes 200-404 Sandyhurst
KCC Highways has agreed to install the signs, but the timescale is not yet clear, whilst details such as electrical
supplies are determined.

14 July 2012

Planning permission sought for proposed first floor extension at Wight House,
Lenacre Street

An application has been made for a first floor front extension with cat slide roof, two dormer windows and
creation of a front porch at Wight House, Lenacre Street. The closing date for comments is 6 August 2012.  Full
details are available here. (search for case number 12/00812/AS).

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