The SLRA Committee is elected by the members at each Annual General Meeting. Further members may be co-opted in the interim. Committee meetings are held every two months.

The present members of the Committee are:

Howard had an R&D career with ICI, Unilever Research Welwyn, and Food Industries. He moved to Sandyhurst Lane in 1982 and the issue of sand extraction below Molehill sparked the start of the Sandyhurst Lane Residents’ Association (SLRA). Howard worked for Quest in Holland from 1988 to 1996, when he returned to the SLRA which he then led until 2012 on a wide range of issues - Goat Lees Hall vs Techpro, Hillyfields, Warrengate, mast, sewer, speed limits, village green, garden grabbing, etc.
Andy lives in Sandyhurst Lane with his wife Lindsey and two children. He runs a security company in Ashford.
Howard Preston
Special Adviser
Don Murrell
Andy Peddle
Doug Harman
Doug has lived at 89 Sandyhurst Lane for thirteen years with wife Natalie, daughter Lois and the dog, Cherry. Doug is a best selling author and experienced and talented photographer with 25 years as a photo journalist, author and photographer and digital camera and technology specialist.
John is married to Rosemary, and has two children and four grandchildren. He moved in to his current home, 33 Sandyhurst Lane, 30 years ago. He is still working full time and his company, Medash Signs, is based in the centre of Ashford. John is also a member of The Rotary Club of Ashford.
David Porter
Evan Thomas
David has lived at 6 Hoads Wood Gardens with his wife, Alison, and two sons since it was built in 1998. He also has two married daughters and seven grandchildren. Formerly a director of a trade association, David retired in 2002.

John Hobbs

Tony Bartlett
Desmond Henley

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Tony and Wendy Bartlett have live in Ewe Cottage on the corner of Westwell and Sandyhurst Lanes since 2010. Now fully retired himself, his wife still works part-time for the out-of-hours GP services at the William Harvey Hospital. Originally qualified as a scientist working for the Atomic Energy Authority, Tony spent most of his career running large and small high technology businesses. However the last 12 years of his working life was with Business Link collaborating with partner organisations to help support and grow the Kent economy. He now fills what's left of his spare time after looking after grandchildren demands, by being active in local politics. Now a Westwell Parish Councillor and Kennington Forum core member he is also Trustee of a local children’s charity.
Bryan Hall
Bryan has lived in Lenacre Street since 1987 with his wife Jane and their two daughters. Bryan
initially trained as a teacher but for the last 40 years has been working in sales and management for
large multinationals as well as small businesses. Bryan is now helping SMEs, Charities and
sports/social clubs with grant applications (LoCASE / SEBB etc) and in 2017 helped them obtain grant
awards of over £250,000. Bryan also mentors a young entrepreneur via the Kent Foundation charity.
Desmond is a Registered Osteopath and is also a Naturopath and acupuncturist. He specialises in treating sporting injuries, musculo-skeletal pain and several other ailments. He has lived at 80 Sandyhurst Lane for 33 years and runs a clinic from home as well as in Hythe and Whitstable. He also does home visits and offers a free initial consultation if requested. Previously he worked as the Superintendent in charge of Radiology services in Ashford where he was involved in helping to raise funds for the purchase of the first CT scanner at the William Harvey Hospital. He is married and has two children. He is also a past member of the Sandyhurst Lane running club. Desmond is very keen in improving the community feel in the Lane and is keen to have any suggestions from residents who feel the same and are keen to contribute in this respect.
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Sandyhurst Lane
Residents Association

Protecting the rural character of Sandyhurst Lane and the adjoining area
Bryan Biggs
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